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guilherme leão

cops are different in brazil, you guys.

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Chris Pine, Josh Duhamel, Aaron Paul, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund, Amie Hamer, Garrett Hedlund, James Marsden, James Franco, Chris Hemsworth, and  Joseph Gordon-Levitt@Yu Tsai.

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easy like a Sunday morning …

What if Derek doesn’t like clothes, feels hampered by them when he’s at home. So it starts casually enough, just Stiles testing the old Polaroid camera he found in the attic while Derek pours coffee, and then gradually, he just pulls it out whenever Derek passes by, wants to see all of Derek’s quirks and beauty printed and pinned up on the corkboard in their bedroom.

And maybe he starts tucking one into the lunch he packs everyday for Derek, because as a second grade teacher Derek never has time to go out for lunch. Maybe he writes a little note on the back of them each day: i’m a slave 4 u(r dick) the day after Stiles karaokes Britney Spears at Erica’s birthday party, you’re the alpha of my heart on sappier days, i want to blow you under your desk- wait for me after school on hornier ones.

(Maybe he gets Scott, who teaches first grade next door, to take a video of Derek’s face when he sees them.)

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Stylist Andrew Richardson caressed by a Russian circus performer, photographed by Steven Meisel as part of the Madonna photo essay ‘Flesh + Fantasy’ for Rolling Stone magazine, 1991.

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*fans self*

he’s like some sort of greek god

He’s the greek god of lumberjacks

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• Marlon Brando photographed by Cecil Beaton C. 1940’s

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Behold, Empire’s top 50 sexiest men of 2013.

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you have gOT TO BE KIDDiNg ME !!!!!!

ohh, these are good ads. lol

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